The objective of the gF-India blog is to:

1) Educate, inform, and inspire the readers about the grassroots actions – such as entrepreneurship and small businesses, programs, policies, initiatives, innovations and technology – that are leading to changes at the grassroots level (state, cities, towns and villages, and communities).
2) Present new economic and policy interventions based on sound social science and scientific models and theories that advance grassroots and human development.
3) Inform and educate the readers about pressing development challenges pertaining to economics, environment, and technology diffusion at the grassroots and propose actionable steps, policies, legal and regulatory frameworks, and innovative solutions for grassroots challenges.

Note on submissions:

a) The Blog should be aligned with one or more of the 14 practice area of gF-India. Read gF-India practice areas at
b) Title and subtitles that make it easy and interesting for readers.
c) The blog word limit should be between 500 to 2000 words.
d) The authors should acknowledge the source and references with hyperlinks in the blog content. Pictures, data tables etc. can be included with proper acknowledgement of the source.

Email the blog request to –