(3-month SDG research programme with certification)

Are you a current student or a recent graduate aspiring to work for Developmental Organizations and Institutions like World Bank, UN Agencies, Asian Development Bank, NITI Aayog and others management consultancy firms solving 21st Century human development challenges? Do you want to build your college experience with a cutting edge research project that prepares your job-readiness for these top Institutions?

The SDG Training by Assignment for Research Students (STARS) is a 3-month training program by gF-India comprises of online teaching, resources and mentorship that has been designed to help undergraduate, master level students and recent graduates to develop a number of fundamental skills associated with conducting research and academic writing in the Practice areas.

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STARS Program fills this gap by working with students and recent graduates on their area of interest by developing research project/paper.

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STARS aims to improve the ability of students to plan, design, manage and execute research through experimental learning whilst providing opportunities for formative assessment and rapid feedback. In particular, it is designed for student researcher aspiring for working for International Governmental and Developmental Organizations and Institutions like World Bank, UN Agencies, Asian Development Bank, etc who want to solve 21st Century human development challenges. The STARS initiative adds to the college experience with a cutting edge research project that prepares students job-readiness for these top Institutions.

Why apply for STARS Program

The reason: It takes more than academic transcripts, internships and curricular activities such as a quality research project work and academic writings which can demonstrate scholarly skills with the identified global practices in sustainable development. For instance, most of the International Governmental organizations (IGOs) consultancy firms require a summary and essay of your research projects undertaken by you at your undergrad and masters level. The summary and research projects are in addition to the professional and academic recommendations which student ignore to work on during their college years. Some of the minimum requirement to apply for jobs at IGOs in your CV is:

1)Essays/ Summary of your research projects;
2) Recommendation letters;
3) Additional Essays

The IGOs job applications test the understanding and specialization of your practice area, critical thinking and experimental learning, and academic writing skills through your research projects. The bachelor and master degree courses often neglect the role of these learning areas and skills which can be learned through research projects. Often in colleges focus in only on theoretical learning.

For successful job applications at IGOs and consultancy firms, the research project undertaken by students should be oriented towards understanding, identifying, and creating new insights on the development issues which are likely to become benchmarks in terms of concept, theory, methodology and research outcomes in the area of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

How does STARS Program help?

In the STARS Program, over a period of three months, gF-India will help you in developing your research projects/areas by:

1) Building one research project/paper of your area of interest from the SDG Practice area;
2) Fundamental research skills and mentorship through experts in your practice area; Project management and academic writing support;
3) Support for publication;
4) Connecting with relevant developmental organizations and Institutions who can hire you in future;
5) Aligning your research interest with global practice areas of developmental organizations and Institutions; and
6) Preparing your CVs/Resumes for your readiness to apply for developmental organizations and Institutions.
7) Certification of completion of the research project after the final presentation.

In particular, the STARS initiative builds fundamental research skills which include: 

1. Identification of research area and interest aligned with global practices.
2. Project management (planning, scheduling, goal-setting, time management, and effective communication between student and supervisor);
3. The ability to conduct a literature review and referencing style;
4. The ability to understand the problem, generate and test hypotheses;
5.The selection of appropriate sampling methodologies;
6. Data analysis and data usability;
7. Report writing and group work;
8. Data presentation (oral, poster, graphical, written);
9. Interpretation of data and critical thinking;
10. The ability to analyse, synthesise, and critically evaluate information.

How to apply

The applications have to submit first stage/preliminary proposal/idea of their research projects in 300 words through the form given below. The research proposal can be conceptual, methodological/experiential or with policy orientation, on the subject of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) themes, targets and indicators. The research projects may be interdisciplinary (e.g.: health + poverty + finance, environment + health, agriculture + technology) in nature. The research projects may also propose innovative solutions and impact. After submission of the preliminary proposal, there will be one round of interview to select the student for enrollment into the three-month STARS program.

Mode of delivery: The program is delivered through zoom sessions and e-materials.

Certification: A hard copy as well soft copy will be given after completion of program.

Program Duration: 3 Months

Cost for the group research project: Rs. 9,000 for one research-project per group for three months.

Research Group: comprising of 2-3 students (maximum) and can divide cost within themselves.

Cost for the individual research project: Rs. 4,500 for one research project for a period of three months.

 Payment: 3 Monthly instalment of Rs. 3,000 for group project & Rs. 1,500 for the individual project through NEFT/UPI

 Note: If the research project extends beyond three months, there will be no additional cost.

Contact for more details

For more details contact: Arjun Goyal

WhatsApp/Mobile number: +91 8800519874